The Women I Have Met on Tinder

I heard of Tinder in 2014. I heard of Tinder on my commute to work when I was living in Chicago. I heard of a few people meeting their significant other on Tinder. What is Tinder? How does tinder work? Tinder is according to Wikipedia is a location-based search social mobile app that allows users to like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) others users, and allows users to chat if both parties swiped to the right (a match). I lifted these words from Wikipedia. The Webster dictionary describe tinder as a very flammable substance adaptable for use as kindling. It is something that serves to incite or inflame in a rhetorical sense. The app is basically a flame between lovers.

In the spring 2016, I created a Tinder profile for myself. I began swiping left and right like most people on the app. I have met a few interesting people, and I am going to give some of my tales on tinder. As I began swiping left and right, I started dealing with a major family crisis. My mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and it ended being a terminal cancer. I matched with a woman with mesmerizing eyes. We chatted for a few days through tinder, then we felt comfortable enough to exchange numbers. Our early phone conversations were very terse at the beginning, but eventually I was able to open up to her and we have become very good friends. I was able to be honest enough to tell her where I was heading in life, and she told me where she was heading as well. I still speak to her. We never dated, but it is okay because we were always honest with each other. I continued swiping left and right till I met uh-MAY-zing WUN. uh-MAY-zing WUN was just as interesting as the lady with mesmerizing eyes. We communicated for a few days, then we decided to meet in person. We met for coffee and we had a good time. I irritated her roommates, but they were jerks anyway. We did not date, because she ended up meeting a different gentleman. We remained friend though, and I occasionally send uh-MAY-zing WUN a text here and there. She can also tell about the stops at 7 eleven. A couple of months later I met the Lady from Michigan. The Lady from Michigan is a single mother, and she also had to find baby sitters for her children. I let her know that I was holding back emotionally, because I was dealing with my mother’s illness. She was actually understanding, because she was in remission from her own bout with cancer. We dated for a few weeks, then my mother passed away. We parted ways amicably, and we are still in touch. I also met the Lady with expressive eyes. The lady with expressive eye and I met a week after we buried my mother. We went to the waterfront in Racine, Wisconsin. We did not have good rapports. She wanted a loving boyfriend, and I was still mourning my mother. I was emotionally disconnected to her. I felt bad about it too. We ended up not seeing each other for many months. I eventually apologized to her for the manner in which I treated her. We are on speaking terms again. I also met Eric’s girlfriend. Eric’s girlfriend works for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. We met in Milwaukee to watch a Green Bay Packers game. I ended up finding her to be a sweet woman. She is an inch taller than me, but it did not bother me. We chatted regularly, and one night she called to meet her at a bar. The bar was not far from her apartment. As I walked into the bar I saw on the tables baskets filled with condoms. There were also pamphlets about safe sex. I asked her what kind of establishment it was. Eric’s girlfriend told me it was a gay bar. I was stunned, but I did not complained. We later went to another bar, and I ended up kissing her. I wanted to have sex with Eric’s girlfriend, but I realized that she was drunk. I instead showed her that I was a gentleman by taking her home . I dropped her home, and I made sure she got into her unit. Once she was in her unit, I left and made my way home. I also matched with the Chinese woman on Tinder. We spent a lot of months flirting, but we never consummated our banter. We met one night in Chicago, but she was on her period. She has an aversion to sex during her period. The final person I met on Tinder was the middle school teacher. I told her that my days in Illinois were numbered. She invited me to her place, and we ended up bumping pelvises a lot. She is sweet person, but I occasionally found her a bit childish. We saw each other for a few months then I moved to North Carolina.

Tinder is a dating app like many other. It has given us more choices when it comes to dating, but I cannot say it has made dating easier. As someone who loves empirical things, when it comes to dating; science does not matter. I enjoy Tinder, but I also know dating is a game of chance.

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