Series of Decisions and Actions

In 2003, I was taking the medication INH for nine months. During that time, I was not drinking; because the medication and alcohol had a terrible interaction. I did not want to hurt my liver along the way. I gave up alcohol for a while, but I started drinking again after I was off the medication. I drank for a few years again. Then the US Navy assigned me to Yokosuka, Japan. As a young bachelor, I was in no mood to settle down, and I was  a butterfly. I was flying from one flower to the other. Along the way, I drew up plans to have as many one-night stand as possible. It seemed like a wonderful idea at the time, but in hindsight it now seems ridiculous. I had watched the movie Kids years before; in this movie the protagonist goes on a sexual journey with dire consequence. I did not want to expose myself to the risks the youngsters in kids did. Every time, I would go and enjoy the nightlife in Japan. I would make sure that I was not too intoxicated, and I had my raincoat with me. For three years, I was a man on a mission who hardly got drunk; in order to have as many nightstands as possible.

In 2009, I went on my final deployment with the US Navy. I had befriended a coworker before the deployment. She did not drink, and I was fine with it. Per Navy policy, I was required to go on liberty with a buddy at every foreign port we visited. During the six months of deployment, my tolerance for alcohol decreased instead of increasing. I did not drink any alcohol for six months. It felt great to say the least. Anyway, ten years later I am realized these little steps helped me put the bottle down. I am no longer fond of alcohol, but I am still the mischievous guy that I have been for over three decades. I did not go to any alcohol rehabilitation program to quit drinking. I am proud of that.


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