Chasing Waterfall on Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s day. It is supposed to be lovers’ holiday, and I should not be going on diatribe about relationship. I should be spending this day with my significant other. There is a host of things I should be doing on Valentine’s day I am not doing. I am sitting in front of my computer typing my state of mind. Anyway, let us get the following point out of the way; I do not particularly care about Valentine’s day.

I come from an African family. African families have norms and traditions. A norm, many African family hold dearly is marriage. African parents expect their children to be married with children. I am no where near this norm. I will turn forty in a little bit, and I am very single. My African folks are disappointed that I am still single. I have been involved with women at many points in my life, but I am still single. Anyway, let’s get back to Valentine’s day.

A few post ago, I wrote about Chasing Waterfalls. This post is a follow up to it. February 14 has been a day that comes and goes for me. In 1999, I had to wake up to the fact that I was afraid of telling a woman I had a crush on her. In 2000, I volunteered in the Coast of North Carolina. In 2001, nothing happened for me on that day. In 2002, I can say the same thing. In 2003, it was four days before I enlisted in the US Navy. From 2004 to 2010, there was not anything significant happening to me on Valentine’s day. In 2011, it was a few days after I escaped crazy drama. I had to call the police, because a woman’s estranged husband behaved in a threatening manner. In 2012, I gave flowers to the Caribbean woman, while she was in a relation with another woman. In 2013, my Valentine’s day was uneventful. In 2014, Valentine’s day occurred while I was involved with a married woman. I will not get into the details of the affair. In 2015, I was in the middle of a painful breakup with the voluptuous woman, and there was no chance to save the relationship. The best Valentine’s day I had was in 2016. I was at a Church retreat, and I was not trying to save a failed relationship like I did the previous year. The years after 2016 were uneventful.

I sound like a jilted person about Valentine’s day. I am still optimist in spite of my failed relationship. I open up more now, and I am less afraid of being vulnerable. I am still chasing waterfalls, but I still hope to meet this lifetime mate.

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