We all have a calling

In March of 2015, I traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a friend’s ordination. I was brought up Roman Catholic. I attended catholic schools for many years. I even contemplated becoming a priest at one point in my life, but I never felt the calling. I enjoy things like discipline, routine, formalities, and order. Chaos bothers me very much. However, this is not the point of this. This is about the calling we may or may not have.

Twenty years ago, I was receiving the sacrament of confirmation. It is important for young Catholics.  It is a formality to many, but it can be a turning point in other’s lives. I met the then Abbott for the monastery in Belmont, NC. A year later I became a student at Belmont Abbey College. I was hoping to major in Sociology, but I ended up majoring in Computer Information Systems. I graduated after four years of college; then I enlisted in the US Navy. I served in the Navy for nine years of my life.

I enjoyed serving in the US Navy, and I thought of making it a career. However, circumstances beyond my control did not permit me to make it a career in the Navy. I worked in pharmaceutical company for two years, but I did not find this line of work fulfilling. The corporate world disillusioned me very quickly, and my corporate employer sacked me for cause. I was angry needless to say, but as time went by I became thankful actually. I am searching again.

I believe that we all have a calling in life. I believe some people hear their calling, and some do not hear their calling. Those who hear their calling become priest, doctors, teachers, civil servants, politicians and many other things. I am still trying to find my calling in this earthly realm. Along the way, I will converse with people whom I believe found their calling in life.


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