Chasing Waterfalls

I had known Patti for most of my life. She was just a girl at the time. It changed at thirteen years of age. I noticed that I actually liked her, but peer pressure and my insecurities stood in my way. I did not tell her how I felt till we became full fledged adults. We are still friends, but the relationship boat has sailed and gone. The possibility of us getting together is gone. This was the first waterfall I chased in my life.

I met the Caribbean woman when I was twenty five years of age. I was a young sailor in the US Navy. She and I were stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. I was a crew member of the USS John S. McCain, and she was assigned to the military police detachment. She had a few friends in Japan, and I was seeking an escape from my drunken buddies from the ship. A coworker once accused me of dropping everything to be with her, and I did not dispute my coworker’s accusation. He was right, but I did not care. She and I parted company to  meet again years later. However, another woman came into the picture, the Caribbean woman and the other woman were in a relationship for about two years. I still love the Caribbean woman, but I feel like she is another waterfall I have chased at one point in my life.

I met the Gal when I was 27 years of age. We met during a deployment. At the time, I was heading towards a catastrophic pipe dream. I was trying to have a relation with the wrong woman. It did not pan out, but the Gal was my coworker. I did not date any coworker at the time. I thought we had amazing chemistry, and we are still communicating. However, things and people kept coming between us. She got engaged with a gentleman, but it did not pan. She then started a relationship with another gentleman, but it failed. She moved to Texas, and I was living in Illinois. I was dating a voluptuous woman to say the least. However, my relationship with the top heavy woman failed. The Gal and I are still on speaking terms, but she recently accepted another man’s proposal. I am actually happy for her, but she is another waterfall I have been chasing.

I have had my share of waterfall chases, but I am okay with it. I won’t change anything in my life. I am single and I am okay with it. I don’t know what I am missing, and I am fine with it. Some people will criticize my relationship, but they are basically talking to a brick wall. Thank you for reading.


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