Crazy Things

I have been working in a thrift store for about a year. I started working there after I was terminated from CompuCom. It was a fill gap job at first, but it quickly turned into crazy stories on occasions. A few of us men at the thrift store devised designations for attractive women, and we used it to describe the attractive women. However, I am digressing. During this past summer, a few events were hilarious to me. This events are subject to interpretation by others.

One afternoon, a lady in her thirties came with a few donations that raised eyebrows. The lady was not thin by any stretch of the imagination, but she was not grossly fat either. My coworkers were teasing me as I was tending to her. She came to me, and told that she had clothing items; she was unable to sell. I told her that we will accept her donation. As I was sorting her donated items, my immediate supervisor started playing with lady’s swimsuit. I did not find it funny, as I was trying to maintain my professionalism. I was going through another box, and I found a bevy of lingerie that suggested the lady was into role playing and sado-masochism. I called a female coworkers to see, and she took a purple wig and a bustier from the box. My immediate supervisor followed suite and before we knew it. They were parading in the backroom with the item. The lady also donated a box full of stilettos. I chose not to process her donations, because I did not want to be shocked. Another coworker found a whip in the box of bustiers and wigs. It confirmed that the lady was a professional dominatrix .  A few days later. There are more crazy things that happened in the backroom of a thrift store.

I will call it a night, but I plan to write more.


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