I Left the Pro-Life Movement

I am a devout catholic and I have been one for many years. I attended Catholic Schools and I espoused the anti-abortion stance the Catholic church adopted. I am against abortion and I hope we can eradicate abortions. However, I do not believe in the march for life. I consider myself pro-life, and I will not encourage anybody to get an abortion. In 1999, I participated in the March for life in Washington D.C. I felt it was my due diligence as a Roman Catholic to attend the march for life. I lost faith in the pro-life movement though.

Many anti-abortion scream and rail against abortions, but fail in other aspects. We must protect the unborn babies. We must help those born live productive lives. However, the pro-life movement is failing one group of people. They are failing the people on death row. I believe being pro-life means in favor of all human lives. There should be no exception on the subject. I read recently that Bishop Anthony Taylor will not be attending the march for life in Little Rock. I agree with his reasoning because there are many people sitting in death row in the United States. The pro-life movement is a movement out of convenience. I can not as a matter of principle support the pro-life movement in the USA. I do not believe Americans are served well by the pro-life movement.


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