My Hobbies Part 2

The year 2006 was my final calendar year in Japan. I was only in casual relationships (platonic is a better designation) with Japanese women, with occasional trysts. I was actually laying the ground work to move back to the USA. I reduced my nights in Roppongi, and I started spending more times in Yokosuka. I did miss listening to the N.E.R.D at clubs in Tokyo, but I was enjoying meeting savory people in Yokosuka. I was also spending a lot of time at the gym. It kept me out of trouble , and I built muscle mass around that time. Anyway, it is not the point of this story.

One Saturday night I met a Japanese woman at Geodana. Geodana is a club outside the naval base in Yokosuka. It is in the Honcho area of Yokosuka. I was pretty good friend with Walter the owner of Geodana. Our Nigerian ancestry was our connection. Anyway, I met a Japanese woman that night. I had no intention of committing to her. I tried to play her basically, but I did not play her. She asked me what do I do for fun? I told her I like to read, which I do. I was into Isaac Asimov and various fiction writers. She told me she likes to read books from Haruki Murakami. He is a Japanese author. I researched him and found that Franz Kafka influenced him very much. Anyway, I bought a novel she told me about (Kafka on the Shore). I started reading the novel, but I have not read it in its entirety since 2006. I bought and read other novels Haruki Murakami wrote and I enjoyed them. The one thing I noticed about Haruki Murakami’s work is the ambiguous lack of resolutions to the plot.

I enjoyed reading South of Border, West of the Sun. There is no resolution to the story. However, after reading Sputnik’s sweet Heart, I started drawing parallels to his protagonists. They all reminded me of Gregor Samsa. Gregor Samsa is a fictional character in Franz Kafka’s universe. I am not going to talk about Gregor Samsa here. In my wayward attempt to bed a woman, I ended discovering a new universe. I still intend to finish Kafka on the Shore. I have had relationships like K from Sputnik’ sweetheart. I look at my time in Japan with fond memory, though I am not nostalgic about it.



2 thoughts on “My Hobbies Part 2

  1. Very interesting piece, a twist on how profound one conversation can have more depth and lead to a series of events creating more substance than just a tryst!

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