First and foremost, I consider myself an Anglophile. I have been one my entire life. My parents hailed from former British colonies in Africa, but I was born and raised in a former French colony. I listen more to songs in English than French. As a child and a teenager, I was very comfortable speaking just French, but I longed to understand my parents, and it motivated me to learn the English language. I immersed in books and movie in English. I especially drew an affinity to the Queen’s English. It led me to enjoy  many British vocalists. Anyway, I have used many singles by British band as soundtracks to my life. I enjoy jogging on many Coldplay songs. I enjoy listening to Coldplay, because the lyrics are happy go lucky. This one below is a collaboration with the Chainsmokers, and I definitely listening to this one.

I also like listening to Van Morrison’s song (Someone like you). It reminds me of the waterfall I enjoy chasing the most. I wrote about her on a previous post. She is the one person whom I have allowed myself to be vulnerable. Many years ago, I regretted not telling her that I love her. However, fate interceded when I was living in Chicago. Her duty station was in Illinois. I don’t recall the first time I said to her “I love you”. I have found in her what I did not know I was looking for. I think the song below encapsulate my thoughts about her.

Three years ago, my mother succumbed to cancer. My grieving process was painful, and I would listen to one song from Sting Soul Cage Album. I learned later that Sting wrote this song after his father had died. It has powerful lyrics, and it always brings tears to my eyes. I associate this song with the day my mother passed away from cancer. Sting did not write this song about my mother’s death, but he was a similar emotion to me. Anyway, I will live you with this song.


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