My Rules for the Road

I consider life as a journey. The journey itself matters more than the destination. I don’t actually know the final destination, and I am fine with not knowing the destination. Life is full of twists and turns. One meets people along the way during the journey. These people can have different impacts in one’s life. Every individual respond differently to the people they meet along the way. Anyway, I have come with rules to navigate the twists and turns of life. I will explain them in the next paragraphs.

Some of the rules were my creations,while others were passed down to me. They are an amalgamation of my catholic upbringing and the discipline from the military. I will start with no particular order to the rules for the road.

  1. As an employee, even if one thinks he/she is smarter than the boss. One must not show off the boss. It is disrespectful, and it will create unnecessary tension within the work force.
  2. Do not be the last person in charge with a secret. Being the last person in charge with a secret will always blow up in one’s face. When I come up to a compromising situation. I notify someone higher ranking than me.
  3. Integrity is a valuable currency. I have striven to have my integrity question by none. It saved me on many occasion against my many detractors.
  4. Know the rules and regulations of the place. Once a person knows them one can make them work for the person.

These rules are part of the tapestry that keeps me grounded. I have other rules that I came across due to various situation in my life and the life of others.

  1. I choose to avoid dating a woman whose parents are about my age or younger than me. There are men who are not ashamed of dating women young enough to be their daughters. I am not one of these men. I have dated women who were older than me at time. I have also dated women born in the same decade as myself, women a decade younger than myself. However, I do not see myself dating a woman young enough to be my daughter. A year ago, a coworker told me that I was the same age as her father. I later told her that I would not date her on principle.
  2. I try to follow my inner compass. As I got older, I realized that many people tend to project on their fears on me. I do not know what lies ahead of me, but I chose not to be trapped by other’s fears. I have let too many people drown your inner voice.

Anyway, I hope these rules can give an insight into my personality. Life is not as black and white as some see it. There are various shades of grey to life. One tries to make the best of what is given.


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