Random Thoughts

I have been dealing with writer’s block and a host of issues recently. These issues have been obstacles in my life. However, I will work through these issues like I always do. I always see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do not think of myself as a mentally tough guy. My faith occasionally gets tested, and I have dealt with impostor syndrome at various instance in my life. However, I am grateful for the life I have lived on this planet. The point of this post is to explain how I operate through life.

I was brought up in the Catholic faith, and most of my education was in the Catholic school system. Discipline has been a staple in my life. I used to see it as an impediment throughout my life, then I joined the US Navy. Unbeknownst to me, the years in the Catholic School system prepared me for the military. Discipline was no longer a weakness, as I had believed before. Disciplined allowed to focus on the goal ahead. It allowed to me make decent decisions. Discipline has sharpen my ability to think strategically. Anyway, I am digressing.

I am now a veteran. My transition has not been as seamless as I had hoped. I tried to remove the military from my system, but I was mistaken. I should have used my training to function in the world instead. I should not have tried to eradicate my military past. I was in a futile conflict with myself. I am now embracing my past life as a service member, and I am also drawing inspiration from people I consider intellectual tinker. Anyway, this post is mostly a rambling soup that I made to rid myself of writer’s block.


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