Another Writing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

My father likes to say “Travailler, c’ est prié.” It means working is praying when one translates literally the statement. It makes sense to anyone whether you believe in a higher being or not. I believe in God, and I have my own say or attitude towards life. I have had my share of struggles in various aspect of life. I have struggled academically. I have struggled professionally, and I have struggled in my relationships as well. I will continue to struggle in a way or another during my time on this earthly world.

Many years ago, my parents sent me to a boarding house. I was a boarder for two academic years, but these two years were trying years for me. I was the target of bullies during my first year. I was the bully during my second year. My parents sent me to the boarding house to instill discipline in me. They meant well, but they sent me to the wrong place. Things were made worst, because I was not a straight A student. I was dismissed from the boarding house due to my lack of discipline. I had an academic dismissal in secondary school. Life at that time seemed bleak to me. I contemplated suicide at the age of thirteen. I obviously did not end my life for many reasons. My mother though is a major reason I am still alive. She was secretary at the health unit of the US embassy in Ivory Coast. She took me one day to the clinical psychologist of the US embassy. The psychologist and I had a conversation. The conversation somewhat affected many aspect of my life. I made a go at becoming a disciplined individual. I did not have any mentor in my quest, but I still reached my goal. I was still not an academic star like two of my brother, but I was at peace with myself. I was able to get my high school diploma and my bachelor in college. Discipline is the main factor in all my success.  I then joined the US Navy after college. Many people were expecting me to fail in the Navy, but I succeeded beyond my own expectations. I was not an athlete growing up. I was actually a skinny person, but I was able to outdo many of my peers in the Navy. I did not have any issue under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I spent three of my nine years of active duty in Japan. Many of peers would have issue with the Japanese authority, but I did not have any issues during my time in Japan. I realized now that I was disciplined enough to do well in a foreign country.

In September of 2012, I received an honorable discharge from the Navy. I was unemployed for a little while. I figuratively fell down. However, I drew back into my military training and discipline to get back on my feet. I transformed my jobs search into a job. I set a schedule to govern my life, and it got out of my depression. Discipline is the compass I use to reach my goals. I am hoping during this current crisis, that discipline would be my life vest. I now say that I serve the lord through discipline. Discipline is a way of life for me. I am not omniscient, omnipotent or omnipresent, but I have discipline to guide through this health crisis.


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