Random Writing

Seventeen years ago, I was into my journey as a naval sailor. This journey was a journey of self discovery for the most part. Seventeen years later, I am using the lessons and the journey to deal with life as it is. I was not the most athletic person growing up. I was not a straight A student during my academic life. I was certainly not the most confident person anyone would come across. I saw myself and still see myself as an ordinary man. I enjoy reading and I appreciate art in all abstract shapes. However, I am no where near Vincent Van Gogh or Manu Dibango talent. I love listening to Jazz and many other forms of music; but I am no musician. I am digressing however.

This morning, I had an job interview. I have had many job interviews before. However, this one was my first conducted online. I have had many in person interviews, and many phone interviews since I left the US Navy. I have knocked many out of the park, and I have dropped the ball on others. I prepared myself for this one as best as I could. I will find out soon whether I knocked it out of the park or I dropped the ball. Whatever the result, I am not going to beat myself over it, because I put myself out. I hope for the best, and I expect the worst. I will charging along in my current job, while still keeping my ears to the ground and keeping my eyes open.

I believe my time in the Navy has prepared me for this uncertain period we are living in. I am committing to make the most of what I have at this time and once we are on the other side of the pandemic we will be better than we were. This is my random writing of this time.


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