Outwardly Passionate

I enjoy a lot of things in life, but I also inherited traits from my mother. I appear as someone who does not express any passion. I have a serious streak, and I prefer Mr. Spock to Capt. Kirk. Although I have a sense of humor; it is a dry sense of humor. Many years ago, an acquaintance said I had the passion of a fruit bat. However, as I am putting on years; I am finding my passions in life. I am going to tell you the readers about my passions.

This video below is one of my passions. I have been a Formula one fan since the age of six. My introduction to Formula one was Alain Prost. He was known as the professor in his racing days. He had a cerebral approach to Formula one in addition to his skills. Anyway, here is the video.

A small explanation by Brian Tyler

Brian Tyler explains why he loves the theme for Formula One. Although, Lewis Hamilton dominated this season. He still had his share of challenges this season. Anyway, this is one passion.

Another passion is photography. I focus mainly on bird pictures, but I take other pictures as well. I spend the majority of earnings on photography equipment. I use my Nikon D7200 to take most of my pictures and here is a sample of pictures I have taken.

One more passion before I call this night. You are reading it. I love writing, because it gives me a creative outlet. It gets me out of my own head , and I get to share what is in my brain with humanity. I am tired, but I will write more later.


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