Rocky Balboa and The Philadelphia Eagles

Rocky Balboa is a fictional character. Sylvester Stallone created the character in the seventies. I believe he was named after Rocky Marciano, but I could be wrong. Rocky Balboa is of Italian descent like Rocky Marciano. He is supposed to be a native of Philadelphia. The story f Rocky Balboa intertwines with the city of Philadelphia in some funny ways. Rocky Balboa put Philadelphia on the map fictionally. Rocky Balboa is the classic underdog. He was not suppose to win against Apollo Creed, but he defeated Apollo Creed. He was supposed to defeat Clubber Lang, but lost to Clubber Lang. He rebounded afterward his defeat. He defeated the steroid enhanced Russian boxer Ivan Drago. He won so many accolades that he was not supposed to win. He is the person we all want to root for. I wish Rocky Balboa is actual human being. He is based on Chuck Wepner and Rocky Marciano.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the American football team for the city of Philadelphia. They are a member of the NFC east. The NFC east is as competitive as the NFC south. I am saying this as a Carolina Panthers fan. The Philadelphia Eagles were not supposed to make to the playoffs, but they made it to the playoffs. They were supposed to lose against the Minnesota Vikings, but they defeated the best defense in the NFL. They were the underdogs to the New England Patriots, but they played like with passion. The body language said a lot during the game. Tom Brady put a lot of number during the game, but these numbers did not deter the Philadelphia Eagles. They were a resilient bunch, and they won the Super Bowl. Many Patriots fans were sad to see their team lose, but there had to be a loser. The loser happens to be the New England Patriots. The Eagles are Super Bowls champions.

Rocky Balboa and the Philadelphia Eagles represent the spirit of the city of Philadelphia. They are both resilient, and they do not give up. The fictional character of Rocky Balboa willed himself to win his fights like the classic underdog. The Eagles lost their starting quarterbacks towards the end of the regular season, but they did not panic. They carried on, because they believed in themselves. In the end, it is just a game and there has to be a winner and a loser. Like the Swedish group Abba sing “the winner takes it all”. Next season will be a different season.


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