Valentine’s Day

This morning I made my bed like I do everyday. I also looked at my calendar, and I realized that Valentine’s day is nine day. It is a very commercial holiday here in the USA, but which holiday is not commercial here in the USA? I have partaken in the commercialization of this holiday in years past. I will not deny it at all. However, Valentine’s day does not excite me like Easter. I have had my fortune and my misfortune on Valentine’s day.

I was recently watching a TED talk about recovering from a broken heart. Everyone has had his or her heart broken at least once. I have experienced my share of rejection with women, just I have rejected women on many occasions. I have had my share of hit and miss in this life, and I have kept going no matter the challenge. Experiences made me reflect on past Valentine’s days. I am going to try recounting some of them as best as I can.

I got out of my head on February 14, 1999. I still go back into my head from time to time. It is my safe space like most millennials safe spaces are college campuses. I was reading an email from a high school friend, and I realized that a crush can be unhealthy feeling. I did not tell this woman how I felt about her. I was afraid of rejection so I kept quiet about my feelings. She met someone, and I ended with a lot of what ifs. I learn something from this experience. Life happens, and it does not wait for the wall flower. Then in on February 14, 2004, a friend got dumped on that day by her boyfriend. The woman and I had a platonic relation, and we still do after many years. I listened to her, but I could not give her my shoulder for her to cry on. I was stationed in Japan, and she was stationed in Dalgren, Virginia. It is around this time people started telling me about their lives. The Valentine’ s day hereafter were uneventful to me for a few years. On February 14, 2010 I met a three cousins in Chicago, and I gave them flowers. They all got married in the years after meeting them. It was uneventful again. On February 14, 2011 I gave roses to the women who worked at gym I trained at. They appreciated my gesture, and said that I was sweet. On February 14, 2012 I gave a bouquet of flowers to Nina Dominguez. I have known her for a decade. She has never been my girlfriend, but she has been a sister to me. I look after her like I look after my sister. I love her very much, but there won’t be a relation between her and I. I leave it that. I love February 14, 2017 very much. My elder brother became a US citizen on the very day. I was at his swearing ceremony.

We have this year. Valentine’s day falls on Ash Wednesday. I find it ironic as a practicing Catholic. I will not be able to eat any meat, and I will be fasting instead. There are 365 days in a year, Valentine’s day is just a commercial day to remind some people that they are lonely and unpopular. You do not need a day to show you love someone. One can show love through actions. I wish everyone a happy valentine’s day.

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