2005 and What Came after

In 2005, I was stationed in Japan. In May of that year I made rank in the Navy. I visited Hong Kong and Singapore in 2005. I met Miguel and Rosy Rodriguez in 2005. My ship went to dry dock in 2005, and I also got into Latin dancing. 2005 was also a year filled with its share of disappointments. However, it was a happy year. I want to remember the happy time, but I also have to remember what led to the happy moments in 2005.

In 2005, I started dating this Japanese woman. Her name was Makiko. She was a few years older than myself, but it did not matter to me. I thought I had it the jackpot but it was not the case. She was dating another guy while she was dating me as well. One day the other guy answered her phone when I called her . We stopped dating a few days later, and I decided to move on. One night while walking on base, I met Nina Dominguez. She came across as a serious gal, but I also happened to be a serious person. Nina is about 5 feet 9. She is Dominican born and raised. She was not in a good mood, when we met. However, I chose to listen to her. She vented her frustration to me, and I listened to her without commenting. A few weeks later, I accompanied her to Narita Airport. I knew my way around the Kanto plain, and it was no problem for me. I did not see her for a few months afterward. In December of 2005, I returned to Yokosuka, Japan. I was at the exchange and there she was. We hugged and had lunch that day. A few days later Nina called me for dinner. I abandon all my plan that day, and I had dinner. As the year 2005 drew to an end, the highlight of that year was meeting Nina Dominguez. A few months later, she transferred to Bahrain and I did not see her again till 2011.

Nina has been a friend and a sister for me. She is kind and caring, and she will make a wonderful spouse. I love Nina like I love a sister, and she is one person who matters to me very much.


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