Food and Dreams

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my relation with food. I spoke about my years in the Navy. I spoke about the exotic food I sampled in Asia, Europe, and the Levant. I also spoke about growing up in Abidjan, Cote D’ Ivoire. I would like to think that I have been exposed to various types of food, but someone would beg to differ. Anthony Bourdain has been exposed to more food than I have. However, this is not why I am writing this piece.

I have this friend with a vision as a foodie. Food is my friend’s calling. Rahzak Abibou and I have been friends for many years. I met him through my brothers, and he is an Information Technology worker like me. Unlike me, he pursues his dreams with reckless abandon. For many years Rahzak indulged in food endeavors. He would invite many of his friends and co-workers to taste food at his place. He would take the time to cook, season, and serve the food. He did not attend a culinary school, but he has been a natural for many years. He recently started hosting food shows for his website. On Saturday, I attended his first food show of the year. The ingredient of the day was lamb. We sampled various types lamb based dish. They were all delicious, but that was not the only thing. In addition to lamb, the side items were from vegetables he had been growing in his kitchen garden for month. I took some pictures of what he has been serving for his food events. Rahzak plans to have additional events in the months to come and invitations will be sent in order to succeed. In the meantime, I will direct you to his website. People can ask for his catering services, but they also have to pay him.

His next major event is March. I do not know the ingredient, but it will be quite a thing to eat. In the meantime, one can click on the following link to get an idea of his cooking habits.


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