My Hobbies

“What do you do for fun?” I hear that question a lot. I remember the first time someone asked this question. I was 24 years old. I was a sailor in the US Navy, and I had just arrived in Darwin, Australia. I was at a stripper bar, and I was having a conversation with one of the strippers. She asked me what do you do for fun? I have a difficult time telling a lie so I told her that I like reading. I love reading, but it is an activity for people who love solitude. Anyway, I am writing about my hobbies. I have a few that I like to talk about.

I like assembling things together. In the fall 1998, I matriculated in Belmont Abbey College. I begged my parents to get me a brand new computer. However, my parents did not get me a computer. My older brother gave me his obsolete computer. I was none too pleased to use an obsolete computer. I decided to build my own computer. I salvaged parts from my obsolete computer, and I bought a new chassis a new motherboard and a processor. I assembled the computer and here was my new computer. A few years later, I built another computer, but the parts were all brand new. I did not salvage parts from another computer. I still purchase laptops on occasions, but I have not bought a desktop in many years. I salvaged parts of another computer to build another desktop computer. This is one hobby that I enjoy.

Another hobby I enjoy is taking pictures. I want to say it started with my Nikon N55. I bought it when I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. It is a 55 mm film camera, but it is also a single-lens reflex camera. It reminded me of the Zenith slr camera my father had in the eighties. I was trying to recreate memories that I had as a child, but I discovered a passion within me.

I used the Nikon N55 for a few years, then I started using a Nikon digital single-lens reflex camera. I have captured a few moments in my life and also in others’ lives. This hobby can be seen instagram and many social medias. I am also a contributing artist for Getty’s image. I also dabble in boudoir photography, and other palatable forms of photography.

My favorite hobby has to do with reading and writing. My late mother used to say that I picked up reading at an early age. Reading allowed me to enter a peaceful zone. I used to read a lot of novels in French, then I switched to reading in English when I moved to the United States. Reading helped me think in English. I used to think in French and translate my thoughts into English. Reading constantly in English helped me think in the English language. I now write on this blog for time to time as a hobby. The writing bug stung me when I was seventeen years old. I dabbled into poetry and free verses for a few years, but I have not written any poetry in many years.

Anyway, I now have an answer when a stripper asks me about what I do for fun. I have met a few models here and there. I have photographed a few places and people. I have assembled a few computers, and I have written a few blog posts. I do not think highly of myself. I go about making my life.


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