Food and Events

A few weeks ago I attended Rahzak’s February events. The Element of the day was lamb. He made assortments of appetizers, main courses, and snacks with lamb parts. There is a cornucopia of people who gathers at his food events. He plans to hold more food events in the months to come, and this time he is also looking for a venue to hold the events. He is also looking to have more people as participants in his food events. The idea behind his food event is really about fellowship and bonding as friends. He is planning to have an event at the end of this month. Information is below for anyone interested in attending.

This event is intended to build upon the one he had in February. He held the event at his residence and it had an interesting bunch of guests. I am hoping his events will get into the mainstream in the city of Charlotte. It could be fun to have more.  Anyway, Rahzak plans to have a four days food festivals on memorial day. Quoting him this is what he plans to have. “Memorial day weekend, four days food festival, ffarm2table with other chefs that share unique style of food. Invited chefs and registered chefs, photographers will register with you .”

I am writing this blog to promote my friend among readers. I am also promoting myself, and I hope people will show up to the events. The food should be delicious, and hopefully there will a lot of people attending.



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