Online Dating, Dating Apps and Plenty of Fish

I was born in the eighties. I saw the end of the cold war, the fall of the wall of Berlin. I saw Diego Maradona score a goal with his hand. I saw the Seoul Olympic games. I saw a few things, but I was pretty young in the eighties. I came of age in the nineties. The internet became mainstream in the mid nineties. My first experience with the internet at home was with a dial up modem. AOL was the biggest internet service provider, and Windows 95 was the most popular operating system. The one thing I did not really get into as a teenager was dating. I had a few things going against me that I am not going to get into this blog.

In 2003, I befriended a blonde woman in the Midwest, and I asked her on a date one day. She accepted my invitation, and we had fun. It was one of the times where I did not find a date online. Friends and acquaintances have tried to set me up with who they thought was a good fit for me, but they have often felt frustrated with me. I got into online dating when I was stationed in Japan. A friend sent me a list of dating websites that worked well in the Kanto Plain of Japan. Most of the women lived in the Tokyo and Yokohama area. I got into online dating, because I was spending a lot of time at sea. I also met a few ladies on land, and we attempted to date them. However, I was set in my ways. Time went by, and I came back to America. I reached out to a few old acquaintances, and one suggested me to join a Yahoo group. I join a Yahoo group with reluctance, but I did not date anyone. A few years later, I moved to Illinois and I got a account. I met a few interesting women along the way. Then a friend decided that it was time for me to be in a relationship. She helped me build an account on eHarmony. I met a Motley of women on eHarmony. I ended dating a a vegetarian musician for a few month, but the relation fell through. However, she got to meet my family when we were dating. A friend of mine referred to her as “la femme aux gros seins”. I am not going to talk any further.

During my commute to work, I heard about tinder. Tinder is an dating app, and it is very hilarious. If one interest another they both swipe right and you begin communicating. Once the communication channel is open you can try to meet the other and see where it leads. Online dating has gotten more popular with the growth of social media. However, dating is still fun.


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