Life’s Lessons

In a few weeks, I will be thirty eight years of age. I usually get reflective in the weeks leading to my birthday. This time is no different than previous years. I often asked myself this question in Latin “Quo Vadis?” It means “Where are you going?” Where am I going in this journey called life. From this question I usually determine whether to make course corrections or stay the course. This method has served me well as an individual. It is not a perfect method, but it is what works for me.

I received an honorable discharge from the US Navy in September of 2012. I did not seek to adjust to life after the military. I was focused on just getting job, and I was not interested in making the ground beneath my feet sturdy. I found a job at a pharmaceutical company in Illinois. It was a job, but it was not a career. I worked for two years there, and they terminated me. Afterward, I went through series of roads that were not helpful. I then found an internship at Rush University Medical Center. This internship helped in ways I did not imagine. I learned through this internship that I need my fellow veterans. I now try to attend Veterans meeting groups, and it rekindle my love for information technology. Anyway, it is what it is.

I am still single, and I am not complaining about that. I actually enjoy my life as a single man. However, my father and some of his peers do not enjoy the fact that I am single. They have attempted to play matchmaker on multiple occasions, but they have not succeeded. I am not going to get into why they have not succeeded, because it is another subject for another time. I am not against the idea of marriage, and I think it is a great institution. I also believe that marriage is not for everyone. I hope to get married one day, but I will not be angry if I don’t get married. I enjoy being an uncle to many of my friends’ children.

I learned through my experiences that I prefer being in the driver of my life, and I need to get back in the driver seat. I will take the necessary steps to be in the driver seat and not being a passenger in my own life.


One thought on “Life’s Lessons

  1. Awesome post Richard! When we’re the driver, with God’s guidance we are able to experience the true freedom of choosing the most fulfilling directions in our journey of life. And in spite of roadblocks or bumps we may encounter that experience can truly be liberating and fulfilling. Thanks for your post.

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