My Bucket List

When I was a teenager, I had a list of places I fantasized about going there. Many teenagers have fantasies, and I was not the exception. I took my inspiration from the movie Crocodile Dundee. I am not going to get into the movie, because many people have watched the movie. After watching Crocodile Dundee many times, I dreamed of visiting the Northern territories of Australia. It was basically a dream for me. Then I joined the Navy at twenty two. My adventures began.

In 2004, my command deployed in the seventh fleet area of operation. We crossed Lombok strait to get to Darwin Australia. We got to Darwin, Australia; and after getting all the trash out of the ship I went to town with friends. Some of my friends got a hotel room to have an after party. I decided to find a few of the pubs to have some alcohol in my system. We were all young sailor so we were having fun. We walked in the streets and some young asian women asked if my friend Kim was Chinese. Kim replied that he is Korean. They told us the happening place was the Vic. The Vic is a pub named after Queen Victoria. There is basically a Vic in many cities in Australia. We stopped at a pub to have a few drinks. Afterward, I went outside to get some air. A young woman was sitting on bench, and I engaged in a conversation wit her. I found out she was an exotic dancer in the bar next door. She asked me to invite my friends over, and I did. I engaged in conversations with many dancers. Afterward I left the place and returned to the ship to sleep. The next day we had a reception on the weather deck of the ship. I happen to bartend that day. Officers on the ship invited dignitaries of the town, but one officer invited a few of the exotic dancers to the reception. As I was serving drinks during the reception, one of the strippers came to get a drink. I recognized her, and she probably recognized me as well. I maintained my profesionalism and she went on her way. The next day, I went to see a crocodile tour in Darwin.

On my last day, I went walking with a shipmate, and we saw a few Aborigines. They had a conversation with me, perhaps my skin tone made me approachable. They hardly spoke to my caucasian counterparts. There was some nobility in the native Australian. The week I spent in Darwin was one of the most enlightening weeks of my life.

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