Some Songs

I have been a fan of Sting since I was eight years old. The first song I heard of Sting was They Dance Alone. It is a song about the repression carried by the Pinochet regime in Chile. I have listened to many songs written but Sting through the years, and I have loved listening to many of his songs, because I believe he makes allusions to many works of literature. He did it when he was a member of the Police. I noticed it when I was listening to “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”. He was making a reference to Vladimir Nabokov’s book Lolita. I am not going to get into the details, because many would lose the taste for Sting’s work. I still listen to Sting, even though I occasionally question his mind set. However, there is one song that is gut punch for me.

He released his third album in 1991. The album title is The Soul Cages, and one song on this album moves me emotionally. The song is “Why Should I Cry for You?” I used to listen to this song in the past, but on Saturday October 8, 2016; this song took a new meaning for me. My mother lost her battle to Cancer, and I could not put my sadness into words. I am still having a difficult time getting past my mother’s death. She was not just my mother. She was my friend, my confidante, my biggest cheerleader. Her demise affected me in ways that I could hardly fathom. I was grieving her death for many months. The song below communicated my sadness.

I was listening to this song for months on end. I have never met Sting, but he truly express the sadness one has in this song.  He wrote this song after losing his own father many years before. The melancholy of this song is quite poignant, and whenever I hear this song I remember the day my mother died. I remember how sad I was, and I remember the people reaching out to know if I was well. It is never easy to lose a family member. There is no magic formula to go through grief. One has to endure the pain of loss no matter what. I still miss my mother, but I am comforted that she know looks after us in heaven. I shall meet her again in due time.



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