April 4, 1980

My birthday is tomorrow, and I am not excited about it. I will be 38 years of age tomorrow. I have not gotten excited about my birthday since 2007. One of my aunt said you need to get married. I laughed at her suggestion, because I was very engaged in my career in the Navy. Marriage was the last thing on my mind, so I charged forward with other things I had control over. I did not focus on marriage and the years went by. Now I am two years away from forty, and my father and some of his siblings have taken it upon themselves to be match makers extraordinaire. They have been of the mark so far, and it is not for lack of trying. They are operating on outdated data. I moved to Japan when I was 23, and I lived there for three years. I then moved to Norfolk, Virginia at 27, and I lived there for two and half years. In 2009, I was 29 years of age, I moved to Chicago in November and I lived there till I turned 37. The one person who kept track of my activities for most of part was my mother. She passed away some time however, so she probably took a lot of information about me to the grave. It is a bit about me.

April 4 is not just my date of birth. In 1968, a gunman shot and killed Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis Tennessee. It is another reason why April 4th is an important day. I was born on a historical day. I have a few friends born on this very day. I met these friends when I was in the Navy. I send well wishes every years to remind them that I have not forgotten their birthdays. I wish I was actually spending my birthday with the Jamaican woman. I was celebrating my birthday in 2014 with the Jamaican woman. I have a few pictures of that celebration. I am a year older, less grumpy, and I am still tooting my own horn.

In 2014, I was with woman above in Dallas, Texas. We had fun, and she is one of the few people I open up easily to. I miss seeing her as I am writing this blog. I have to say Happy Birthday to me.


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