Shit hole in America

In November of 2009, the US Navy sent me to Great Lakes, Illinois. It was part of my shore duty assignment. I was familiar with the suburb of North Chicago, because it is where Great Lakes Naval Base is located, because I made my first stint in Great Lakes in the year 2003. I was a trainee in the Navy and years later I was assigned to be an instructor at one of the training center and I enjoyed it very much. Anyway, on my time off work I tried to enjoy the nightlife as any young would do. The nightlife led me to a few shit holes in the suburbs in Lake County, Illinois.

The first one is called Flanagan’s. Flanagan’s is supposed to be an Irish pub, but it is more of a hangout for all the Navy troublemakers (I used to be one of them). I used to hang around the establishment in 2003. I was twenty three years old and care free. Flanagan was a fun place to hang at first, then it become a very bad place. Fights would break out every weekend, and the police would arrive to break everything. I frequented the premises for a few months, then I got tired of the place. It led me to venture in Kenosha, Wisconsin to a bar called the barn. The barn had all kind of sales pitch to get people between the doors. On Fridays, they had the 0.75 cents drink. I ventured there for a few drinks, and I had fun. I met a bar maid who was quite tall, and she saw me at various drunk stages. Her name is Julie, and I do not know if I will see her again. I heard years later the barn burned down.

On my third stint in Great Lakes, I visited In-laws and Fatman’s bar. They were bars in the Gurnee area of Illinois. In-Laws was a fire code violation, and the owner realized it eventually and shut it down. Fatman’s had more space and a more laid back atmosphere. During springs and summers, patrons would play volleyball. I met a woman with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at Fatman’s one night. We spent times together, and one night I broke the headboard of my bed. We stopped seeing each other after that event, and then she moved to Michigan. However, Fatman’s and In-laws were not as terrible as Famous Freddy’s. I have a love hate relation with Famous Freddy’s. In the fall of 2010, colleagues invited me to an engagement party at Famous Freddy’s. I went there and I had fun with my buddies. Some of the women there were stuck up, and I took pleasure ignoring them. I realized later these women were young, so I became indifferent to them. The older women were fun though. One winter, I met the Fremont assessor. We had a few drink and exchanged phone numbers. Minutes later she left, and sent me a text. The text was her home address, and she told me her front door was unlocked. I went to her house, and locked the door behind me. No children were around, and we were quite active on that bed. A week later, she sent me another text and I went to meet her. Then her ex husband came to the house. The police had to come to resolve the situation. I remained a friend with the Fremont assessor. A few years later, I got out of the Navy, and I stayed in Illinois. One summer night, I went to Famous Freddy’s. I saw middle aged woman, and I smiled at her. She smiled back at me, and approached me. We talked and had a few drinks. After the last call, she drove me to my car. We then met at a parking lot and consummated our night in the backseat of her SUV. I found out later that she was a teacher, and she was going to a divorce. For one year, we had a physical relation. I felt guilty about it, because I felt like I was using her. The truth is I was afraid to be vulnerable with her. I was finding excuses to torpedo anything meaningful between us. I really did not like whenever I made her cry. She finally moved on with her life, and she is in happier place.

The worst shit hole was named after the owner. The owner and I share the same first name. The food he served there was decent, but the crowd there was of the unsavory type. I have seen drug deals take place at the establishment. One night, I found myself talking to a domestic violence victim. I normally gave complete stranger my phone number to call me whenever they want someone to talk to. However, that night I did not. Richard’s was a threshold to high for me. I have frequented some weird places, but I have met decent people at the weirdest places. Life is an ironic adventure that I enjoy very much.


2 thoughts on “Shit hole in America

  1. We have the greatest experiences, meet the best people thus creating one of a kind bonds, learn the best lessons in the craziest places and at the most awkward times. I believe these synchronicities happen so our soul cannot deny the power of our oneness with God and the Universe. Unfortunately, our ego’s will fight our soul and call these miraculous events mere “coincidences”!(Just my opinion)…

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