Birkman Map

I am a military veteran. I thrived in various environments while I was on active duty. I never really tried to make sense of why I was successful in my life as an active duty sailor in the Navy. I just tried to go with the flow of things. Towards of the end 2011, I found out my time in the Navy was drawing towards its end. I tried to prepare myself for life as a civilian, but it is easier said than done. My ongoing transition as civilian has been filled with obstacles. However, I am not deterred. I have fixed things by knowing how they are supposed to work. Knowing this concept I decided to figure how I normally operate. I have taken many personality tests throughout the years, and they have been accurate enough. However, I am no psychologist so I take some of the personality test with a hint of salt. I am going talk about my Birkman report prepared on 4/18/2018, and I correlate to anecdotes in my life.

Screenshot 2018-04-20 12.28.21.png

Screenshot 2018-04-20 12.20.12.png

The pictures above should be used as a guide to follow what I am saying about my Birkman map. My Asterisk is in the Red quadrant. It means I have the following interests:

  • implementing
  • seeing a finished product
  • solving practical problems
  • working through people
  • organizing

My asterisk shows that I like solving practical problems, getting things done, organizing activities, build or make things and be directly involved. I agree with these assessments. I adapted very easily to policies enacted by the US Navy when I was stationed in Japan. I followed the rules in the military because I saw the reason why a rule was enacted. I enjoyed drawing the sequence of events for my dad’ seventieth birthday celebration. During the 2009 deployment, one of the fan coil unit broke down. According to Navy Operating Procedures we had to order a new motor for the unit. However, we were moored in Greece of the Aegean Sea, and it was going arrive to us after we set back to sea. We decided to rebuild the fan coil unit motor. A colleague went to a local hardware store in the town of Xania, on the island of Crete.The colleague bought a set of bearings, and I put them in the oven to set the grease. Once the grease was set; I then fitted the bearings on the motor and restarted the fan coil unit again. I enjoy assembling computers, because I am actually building a computer. This is me in a nutshell.

My diamond which explains my usual behavior is in the Blue quadrant, but it is also fairly close to the Yellow quadrant. It means that I am selectively sociable and thoughtful, optimistic and creative. My diamond also shows my tendencies are concentrative, organized, and a team player. I agree with the determination, because I have always had a small circle of friends throughout my life. My siblings open up easily to anybody, while it takes me a while to open up to people. I have to share a common goal to be with someone. It explains why I enjoyed my jobs in the Navy. I was always part of a team. In corporate America, a culture of backstabbing and jealousy is very much prevalent.

My circle explains my needs. My circle is in the Green quadrant, but it also lies fairly close to the Blue quadrant. My circle shows I am most comfortable when people around me keep unnecessary rules to a minimum, and they give me varied tasks. My circle also shows that I respond well to people who give me time for complex decisions. I also respond to people who don’t over-schedule me, and who are equally interested in feelings and logic. After reading this I understand the dynamism of my relations. I also see why I love Kimi Raikkonen’s public persona in formula one. I can over-schedule myself but I loath when people over-schedule me. I multi task in my mind, but I do not like when I am pulled in multiple directions.

My square explains my stress behavior. My square is in the Green quadrant, but it also lies fairly close to the Blue quadrant. Basically, it means when people do not deal with me according to my needs I become distracted and indecisive. It basically means that I become self-protective and argumentative. I will definitely ignore a person who aggravates me. My mother often told me that I go on the defensive when I felt threatened in a situation. I reluctantly agree with my Birkman assessment when it come to my behavior under stress. A few years ago, I was preparing to move to Chicago, and I told my family about my move. I had planned to visit Chicago to find an apartment. A sibling of mine trying to be helpful kept insisting that I stay with his friend. I took it as him implying that I did not what I was doing. My mother trying to be the peacemaker said he is just trying to help. I became more annoyed, and I replied I have been to Chicago before. Finally to get my point across, I asked my brother if he knew my place of work in relation to his friend’s residence. When he was unable to answer the question, I felt vindicated.

The birkman is just a test among many. I believe I am more nuanced than the Birkman test describes me. The Birkman allows people to predict a way to how I may or may not react to situations.

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