My Familiar Journey


In the spring semester of 1999, I was a freshman at a small college (Belmont Abbey College). I came with ideas of majoring in sociology the previous semester. I took the normal classes like every college freshmen with big ideas. However, things changed. I decided to take a computer programming class for the fun, the class was Turbo Pascal. The next few months changed the course of my life in ways I never thought it would. I am not a native English speaker by the way. I am a native French speaker who learned to think in English. This ability to transitioned between the English language and the French language has helped me see the world in a different light. 

Turbo Pascal ignited my lifelong affair with technology. Prior to taking the class in Turbo Pascal, I did not really care about computers or anything related to computers. What happened then? I started writing programs and enjoyed the programs I wrote. I made syntax errors, and the syntax errors taught me something. Coding recalibrated my thinking process. I learn through writing programs how so many things work. I have enjoyed and loathed this process on many occasions. I loathed this process when I was learning C++. C++ is like a friend who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; it requires you the programmer to be exact with your syntaxes. C++ is also a very complicated language. I still have not mastered C++. Python on the other hand is simpler. I started teaching myself Python and so far, I am enjoying it. 

My journey with technology took a few detours as well. I enlisted in the US military after college. The US military helped me obtain my citizenship. In the military, I wanted to continue working computers, but I could not because I was not a US citizen at the time. However, I still wanted a technical occupation; I became Gas turbine technician in The Navy. I used the skill I gained with computers to make life easier. In college, I learned logic and through it; I figured how things are supposed to function. Whenever, something did not work accordingly then through elimination I usually found the root cause of the problem. This method of thinking is simplistic and effective to me. I assembled many things through this method. I assembled a few computers through this method and I also rebuilt a fan coil unit on a ship through this method. 

Many people fear technology and many love technologies. I watch science fiction like many, and I have read some of Alan Turing’s work on Artificial Intelligence. Are we ever going to have a world like I Robot (Isaac Asimov)? I do not know if anyone is asking me. All I know is my personal journey with technology.


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