Failure of Understandings

I make my bed everyday. Nobody makes my bed for me. I do a lot of things on my own. I have done many tasks as routines for many years. I am used to a regimented lifestyle, because I spent many years in regimented environments. I am a product of the Catholic school system and the military. Discipline is like the back of my hand. I come across many people as a rigid and serious individual. I try not to worry about people’s idea of me. I learned early on my life that people will always find something wrong about you. I try to be comfortable in my own skin.

I joined the military in 2003, and I served for nine years of my life. In the USA, there is a very small percentage who serve in the US military. Military service is voluntary in the US unlike in many nations. The USA did away with the draft after the Vietnam war. Military recruits go through rigorous training every day. Some recruits succeed basic training, while some recruits do not succeed. I am not going to get into the details of success and attrition in the military. It is another story all to itself. I am going to talk about a major misconception people have of the military. People in the military learn to work as a unit. The military is composed of various individuals with different personalities. You encounter spectrums of personalities throughout your time in the military. In the military, I worked with people I disliked, and I also worked with people I considered my friends. I enjoyed my life in the military. I will do it again if given the opportunity to be in the military.

Many people who never served in the military think service members are mindless drones. It is the opposite actually. The military actually encourages its members to think. A mindless drone is very dangerous to a military unit. We are trained to work as a unit. The best comparison to a good military unit is a very good sport team. All team members have various tasks, but the team has a goal. Anyway, if you ever hire a veteran; you have to remember that you are not hiring a mindless drone. You are hiring a person who is trained to think on his or her feet. You are hiring someone who usually needs little to no supervision. A veteran hates to be micromanaged. Micromanagement is creates waste in productivity, and it also exposes a poor manager. A good manager trusts his or her subordinates. It is my piece.


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