First Week at Work

I rejoined the workforce on Monday. I am glad to be back in the workforce after a long layoff. We are in training mode for a few weeks, then we get into the grind of things. I am trying to moderate my expectations. I have found through the years that when I set reasonable goals; I exceed my expectations. I do not consider myself a workaholic, but I find work cathartic and rewarding. I do not set to have a fortune, but I desire job satisfaction. None can make me want what I do not want for myself. I do not believe in the perfect career or world, but I believe in doing what one feels is best for one’s life. One is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. I am digressing, but I will try to get to a point.

I am a Navy veteran. I still view my time in the Navy as one of the best time in my life. I became comfortable in my life as a sailor, and I was planning to make Navy a career. However, things beyond my control happened and I received an honorable discharge. I went through the stages of grief like most people. I even tried to get back in the Navy, but I did not succeed. I truly miss that structure the military provided, and I have to incorporate the military regiment in my life. I tried to be a free spirit, but I was unhappy as a free spirit. I have been in some form of disciplined environment for most of my life, and I am most comfortable in a disciplined environment. I am very comfortable in my own skin. I can only do what I believe is best for me. I only answer to God and myself. I worry about what is in my control, and everything takes care of itself.


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