Traffic Jam

I have lived in areas of the world notorious for traffic congestion. They are colloquially known as traffic jam or traffic snarl-up according to wikipedia. Traffic jams can lead drivers to fits of road rage. They affect the environment in negative ways as well. I am going to get into that later.

Anyway, I was stuck in a traffic jam this morning on my way to work. I had left home long before rush hour. I normally do so, because I try to spend as little time as possible on the highway. I am not the indifferent driver on the road, but I try not to avoid as many distractions as possible when I am driving. I do not text and drive. I hate answering my phone when I am driving. I would rather have when other drivers follow rules of the road, so traffic would flow as smoothly as possible. However, it is not the case. You occasionally have the driver (slug) who drives twenty miles below the prescribed speed limit endangering other drivers. Slug forces every other drivers to reduce their rate of speed, which in turn leads traffic to a standstill. This in turn can last for hours on time. I have been in a few of these scenarios. Then there is the driver (delusional hipster) who is glued to a mobile device. Delusional hipster is usually texting or speaking on a mobile device. Delusional hipster often cause accidents due to lack of situational awareness. This in turn leads to traffic jams, because law enforcement has to clear the road in order to restart the flow of traffic. This type of driver is a recent type annoyance. We also have the driver (rubber neck) who looks at incidents on the road. I consider rubber neck part of the problem. It is okay to stop and attempt to help when there is an incident on the highway, but it is not okay to stop and look. The rubber neck delays every other driver, and he is not helping the incident victims.  I was stuck in one this morning. I was a moving at 9 mph for thirty minutes, and I was wondering why traffic was at a standstill. I finally saw police officers clearing a car pile up, and drivers in front of me. It means most drivers were basically twisting their necks to look at the side of the road; rather than paying attention to the flow of traffic. Anyway, I have to get off my soapbox.

Traffic jams are irritating because people usually have places to go, and things to do. I like drivers who have tunnel vision, but they are only focused on the what is ahead of them. Their peripheral vision is not as great as their tunnel vision. Drivers with tunnel vision cause less traffic jams. Traffic jams are bad for the environment, because automobiles burns more fuel than usual. This in turns puts a higher concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Traffic jams are just bad.


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