Random Thoughts

Earlier this week, I baked a pound cake. The cake was a success. I followed the steps my mum showed me as a child, and I had a mouth watering cake in my mouth. I do not own books of recipes like many bakers and cooks, but I can find recipes online. Anyway, I will bake something else in a little bit. IMG_20181022_234507_802.jpg

Later in the week, I was driving to Concord and I saw a hawk perched on a utility line. I stopped a few yards away. I got my camera, and I took a few shots of the bird. The hawk looked at me for a brief while, but did not fly away. This hawk showed me something that afternoon. The hawk showed me my limit as a photographer. I used a long view lens to capture the hawk. It allowed to stay at a distance and not bother the hawk. However, any twitch is enhanced with a long view lens, and it affects the quality of the picture. This hawk showed me that I need a sturdy tripod. The hawk also showed me that I need a bigger lens and a faster camera. My Nikon D3100 is decent, but the shutterspeed is nothing compared to a Nikon D750. I will eventually get a faster camera, but in the meantime; I will practice with my Nikon D3100.

I have found my passion which is storytelling. I will work at it because I enjoy telling stories. I will become good at telling stories. I will remain focus on telling stories. I will push through self doubt and other obstacles. The stories will serve a purpose to humanity. The stories will generate ideas, and they will persist no matter what. These are my random thoughts of the day.



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