A year ago, I watched a TED talk featuring Chimamanda Adichie. The theme was “we should all be feminists”. It was an interesting talk about societal norms. They ingrain rules that societies has to adhere all the time. Families has different expectations of their children. Parents expect their sons to get married and have children. They basically want their sons to be rulers of people. They use a term like Alpha Male to describe a virile man. One thing I recently noticed there are terms for women who never married, but there are no terms for men who never married. A friend who recently split with her boyfriend said something that disturbed me. She said “At this rate, I’m going to be an old spinster”. Basically society refers to women who never marry as spinsters or old maids. However, there are no words for men who never marry. Societies refer to men who never marry as bachelor, or playboy. Bachelor or Playboy do not have the negative connotation that spinster or old maid have. I do not like the term spinster or old maid, because society makes it appear that something is always wrong when a woman is not married. I believe this is an aspect of the patriarchy.


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