Another Random Thought

I was born in 1980. I identify with people from generation X. I was twenty one when the towers of the World Trade Center collapsed. I was twenty three when the US invaded Iraq. However, it is not the point of this writing. The point of this writing is about some of the things that makes me unique among my peers. I watch TV’s like most people. I read books like many people. I listento music like many human being. I enjoy movies like everyone. I am also introvert. I  realized that in my mid to late thirties. I am sociable like most members of my family, but I am sociable in limited those. I get drained after spending time with in a crowd. I do not enjoy being the center of attention. I am not shy, but I enjoy solitude.

In 1998, I stumbled upon a series that I did enjoy very much. The show was “Due South”. The protagonist was Constable Benton Fraser from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He was an upright character paired with a street smart Chicago Police Detective by the name of Ray Vecchio. The protagonist had a wolfdog as a constant partner. He named the animal Diefenbaker after a former prime minister of Canada. Diefenbaker appeared to be deaf, but I believe he was behaving like a Siberian Husky.  The series had a humour that escaped many people, but it did not escape. Oddly enough, I thought about it today. Below is the theme song for the series.

It also made think of some of my favourite author. I have a love of Franz Kafka. I enjoyed reading his book of metamorphosis. I identified with the protagonist of Gregor Samsa. Franz Kafka had strange relation with his father, and it was reflected in his work. I actually think there was an absence of love between Father and Son. I as an introvert have always tried to study the human condition. I try to make sense of every human being’s action. I do not ascribe to Karl Marx, Plato, Nietsche or any other thinker. I believe in fundamental aspect of human being. I believe all humans share similar traits. It does not matter what ethnic, religious, or cultural background the human has. There are abusive people among people of African descent, European descent, Asian descent. There are kind people of African descent, European descent, Asian descent. Anyway, I think I enjoyed Due South because it provided me an escape from reality.

I am starting to digress. I  believe in the institution of marriage, but I am not in a hurry to be married. I do not make plans to be married. I believe one has to marry for the right reasons. One does not marry, because one’s parents wish to live vicariously through their child. I have to go now, but I’ll be writing soon.





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