This Past Weekend

Anxiety – Intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired may occur.

I woke up on Saturday morning at 0400, but I did not feel like getting off my queen sized bed. I stared at the ceiling for excessive amount of time. I fidgeted with my smartphone, browsing over social media (Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc …). I was feeling worried about something, but I could not pinpoint what was bothering me. I was feeling unusually lethargic. I felt like I was fumbling towards a state of depression. It frightened me. However, I pushed myself out my bed and proceeded to my morning routine (it consist of making my bed, going to the bathroom and cleaned myself). I stopped beating myself about my past relationships. My past relationships are in the past, and they belong to the past. I made myself some breakfast after my morning routine, and I proceeded to my on-call duty at the mid-rise. I was still feeling lethargic after completing my tasks, but I ploughed through the day. I found my camera bag, and I made sure I had my equipment in it. I then proceeded to put on some sportive clothes on. I checked the tire pressure on my bicycle and proceeded to get going on my bicycle ride.

I rode my bicycle for a distance of 12.37 miles. I burned 551 calories and I started feeling a little better along. Here is the map of my trek below:

My bike route recorded using STRAVA.

While biking, I saw a hawk on a power line, and I stopped. I have a passion for photographing animals. I have taken pictures of many animals, but I have focused mostly on birds of prey. However, I have been taking pictures of people since I moved out of my parents’ home this past summer. I noticed that taking pictures of people does not stimulate me as capturing candid stills of animals. This past saturday, I took pictures hawks. The action stimulated me and I decided to write an account of it on my blog post. I took my share of pictures and I posted some of it on social media. Here are some pictures below:

Hawk 1
Hawk 2
A Pair of Hawks

I am hope this experience reinvigorated me. As a man, I am always working at being a better version of myself. I am not successful at being a better version of myself, but I am no failure either. I am a working progress. I used photography as mean to express myself creatively, and there are still ways to go for me.


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