Follow Up to an Experiment

Last month I decided to try an experiment. I uninstalled the Facebook app on my smartphone. Facebook and twitter used to consume so much of my time, and I wanted to reclaim my time from social media. It is the best thing I did recently for myself recently. I am less glued to my phone, and it is less of a distraction now. I am spending less time on social media, and I am less bothered by ridiculous posts on Facebook. It allows me to think more, and I am enjoying my day. I am still susceptible to social media, but I am cleansing myself of social media slowly and surely.

Anyway, I will try to spend less time on social media as time goes by. I can never go back to life before Facebook, but I can try to manage my life better in the age of social media. I have instituted radio silence after 10 pm so I stop answering my phone after 10 pm. I able to sleep better, and I am okay.


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