Brain Child

It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog. During the said time, I worked for compucom in Fort Mill, SC for three weeks. I was terminated after three weeks. I found a job two weeks later at Goodwill industries of Southern Piedmont. I became a donation processor, and this job has affected me in ways I did not imagine. This job keeps me standing for a long time, but I am enjoying. I am spending my breaks reading, and drawing plans for the future. Anyway, as I am getting ready for my birthday; I am remembering why I am enjoying this year better than most years of my life.

I recently purchased a Nikon D7200 to start my freelancing photography. I already had a few items, but I was not fully invested. I drew up a plan of action and milestones. It has focused my attention and I am better for it. I recently went live with my website, and it has been exciting to say the least.


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