Small Improvements

I have read my share of self-help books in my brief but active life. I have read them for entertainment. I have also read them as a way to improve aspects of my life. I am never satisfied like most human beings, and I must not rest on my laurels. Complacency can be deceiving, and it can bring a false sense of security to one. Anyway, here is my point.

On January 1, 2019, I decided to do something different. Every year on New Years day, I make a set of resolutions like many person. I also give up all these resolutions by January midpoint. This year I did not make any resolutions. I instead decided to write my goals (desires or wish) in a notebook. My years in the US Navy had taught me for many to document many things. Although, I am not the best note taker on this planet, but I have a decent memory. I started writing a lot of things. It may look like gibberish, but they are memory triggers actually.

I usually write small goals, and I meet these goals as quickly as possible. These actions have led to small improvements. I purchased a FitBit in January after being dissatisfied with my smartwatch. The Fitbit has pushed me to actually exercise and stay in physical shape. I am not near the level of fitness I had when I was in the Navy, but my immune system is happier than it had been in a while. I am also regaining the discipline that was part of who I am. I am slowly returning to a regimented life. Exercising five days a week, is helping me find the direction I have sought since I left the Navy. There is still room for improvement, but I am no longer deterred. I am not setting ridiculous standards that I cannot meet. I am enjoying life and I feel I am better for it. I have not had a drop of alcohol this year, and I am watching less television. I feel more productive now than when I was younger. My mind is no longer as soft as a sponge, but it is still sharp. I am enjoying reading more now; than I did when I was a teenager. Anyway, I hope to be a better version of myself.


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