Applying The Governor’s rules For Success.

I graduated high school in 1998. I was very young and full of ideals like many before me and after me. I excelled in social studies when I attended high school, but I was not good in biology or chemistry. I was fine with it. I looked back at periods of my life, and I understand myself a little better. I am not trying to blame anyone for my present situation, but I am trying to be at peace with myself.

As a high school graduate, my ambition was to major in sociology. However, this person told me there was no future in sociology. I listened to this person, because this person happened to be a much older person than me. However, this person was just as ignorant and clueless as I was. This person was thinking from the confine of their comfort zone. This person was trapped in dogma of years past. It is not the point however, I will get to that. I had decided by my second semester in college to major in Computer Information Systems. Other things influenced me as well. I struggled for the rest of my time in college, because I was living other’s vision of my life. I was unhappy. Arnold Schwarzenegger said one has to find one’s vision and follow it. I would like to believe I have mine and I am following it. I did many things after my time in college, and I do not regret any of the things I have done.

I started blogging and taking pictures seriously about two years ago. As I have delved into these two hobbies. I have found a joy that I believe escaped me long ago. I started small, but as time went by. I started seeing a path forward and I started investing passion into each activities. I invested into equipments, and I started taking as much pictures as possible. I started writing as well. I have tried to be as honest and earnest as much as possible in my writing. I am thinking big about these writing.

I have also not told many people about my work. Life has provided me enough detractors to undermine me constantly. The Governor said “Ignore the Naysayers”. There is a way to go about it. One can just not tell them what one is doing. It gives one the freedom to try and not worry about the outcome of decision. One can give one’s all, and still hold one’s head high whether one succeeds or not. One can work one’s tail off as the Governor said on his fifth key to success.

The Governor’s final key to success is to give something back. I had that opportunity ten years ago when I was a sailor in the US Navy. My final assignment was at Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Illinois. I was an instructor there. I used this opportunity to train future new sailors in the Navy. I did it for two years, but I felt enriched everyday. In my current stage, I am trying to follow Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5 keys to success. I am also adding to this my own thought. Hold no rancor toward anyone who tried to destroy you, but leave them when they belong in the past. Your life is so much richer without them.


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