Old Passion Reawaken

I am not the most eloquent individual on this planet. French is my first language and English is my second language. I am able to formulate thought in both languages, but when I speak in either languages; I seem to have a stutter. I have this stutter, because I jump from a thought to the other. I do not consider myself a linear thinker, and I believe I will be a good subject for mental study. Anyway, it is not the actual point, and I will get to it.

My mother claimed that I picked up reading very quickly. There was not the prompting most children require to catch reading. She claimed that I could decipher symbols on papers, walls, and other things. However , as I was growing up there was no-one to nurture this ability. Most adults felt uncomfortable around me, because obedience was not my strength. I questioned everything around me. I could not contain my curiosity, and it got into trouble on many occasions. I developed a passion for reading around the age of eight. I would read anything that fell in my hands. Books, Newspaper and magazines became digestible for me. Then I came to the USA at fourteen. My uncle told me to start reading novels in order to improve my English. He had the right idea, but his method was undesirable. He tried to force me into reading, and I basically rebelled. The more he told me to read, the less I was inclined to read. We continued this dance for four years. Finally I graduated high school, and I went to college. I picked up reading again, because I was enjoying reading again. There was nobody telling me that I must read. Reading helped me connect with my mother in ways that I could never imagine. We became close, because we had so many things to talk about from our reading adventures.

Reading became my companion during my years of active duty. I would read on my downtime. I read during my lunch hour, and it is part of me. One day, a co-worker pointed that I like to read during the time I am at lunch. It has helped me talk to women in Japan, and it has made me interesting to other women. Anyway, reading is fundamental.


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