Another Post

Today is Easter Sunday. It is an important day for Christians. I went to the easter vigil last night. I am off today and tomorrow. I am hoping to have some time to tend to some matters in my life. I have spoken to some of my favorite people and I have ignored others. Anyway, I have not been consistent in my writings as I would like to be. I would like to improve upon that.

I have playing on Tinder a lot, but I have not met a lot of the women on Tinder since I moved to Charlotte. I am not going to make any excuse about why I have not done so. I have agreed with some of the women on Tinder to keep the communication channel open, and it has been good for both parties. As we communicate, and they reveal about themselves to me; I am actually doing informally something I enjoy. I have always enjoyed analyzing and studying humans and their dynamics. I have tried to study humans throughout my life in various way. When I was in school, I develop a keen interest in history and many social sciences. I actually excelled in these subjects, but I ended up not studying these subjects in college. I did not study the subject I wanted to, because I was not strong in terms of character. I let others define what is best for me for too long. I realized that after my nine years in the US Navy. I am look at my time in the Navy with joy because I found myself in the Navy. I was able to see another perspective. The navy enhanced certain traits I have had since I was a child. The Navy made me comfortable in my own skin, and the people I met while in the Navy helped me grow into the person I have. I started to seek honor, courage and commitment while in the Navy. The Navy built a foundation in my life that my parents did not instill in me. I am thankful to the Navy for that.

I learned in this life that one has to find and follow one’s vision. One must never think small. One has to ignore the naysayers. One has to work one’s ass off, and finally one must not just take, but one has to give something back. Anyway, I hope to write something interesting in the next few days. I will seek the story instead of waiting for it to come to me.

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