The Musician’s calling

I and many humans love listening to music. The music we listen to varies like most personalities on earth. Each piece of music creates an emotion on us in its unique way. Some lyrics would make us cry a lot. A symphony will mesmerize its listener like a magic spell. Music will affect us in various ways, but how many times do we question who or what is behind this work of art?

I can listen to Mozart and Puccini one minute, and the next I will be listening to Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong. I would like to think I have the best tastes in music, but to another person it is a cacophony. When I was in college, I became friends with two guitar players. Matt Rowland and Rob Rodite’s musicianship were second to none. They knew between them more than a thousand chords. Their skills pushed me to enjoy the finer points of music. I believe God gave them the talent of music, and they refine their talent as a mean of meditation. They were at their nirvana while playing their guitars. I am digressing.

I attended church at St. Patrick catholic church in Wadsworth, Illinois. I like to consider the music director over there as my friend. I believe she found her calling as a musician at her parish for many years. She has led choirs through the years, and still does as I am writing this blog. She has also guided a talented vocalist through the years. The vocalist in question is her youngest daughter Emma. I saw Emma in the choir over the years, but our first conversation was at a county fair. I saw her as a pleasant woman, but she amazed me at a musical. She showed such a wide range as a singer that brought me to tears. As she is heading towards the end of undergraduate studies, I believe she has heard her calling as a musician. I see a lot of success ahead of her.

A few years ago, I dated this voice teacher. Our relationship did not work out, but such is life at times. As one of her fan, she will always astonish me. She could command her audience with such an amazing soprano voice. She dedicated most of her life to singing. I realized how she is answering her calling as a musician. She is answering her calling as voice teacher and a cantor at her local church. She has participated and still does in many musical events.

Many musicians have their calling, but if they don’t realize they have a calling; it is all for naught. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart heard his calling, and humanity is better for it. Humanity is better when one answer his or her calling. I leave with this link to get my point across.


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