Running Thoughts in My Heads

I think too much according to a woman I once dated. She is right, but I do not care about what she says. I am set in my ways, and it will take a gargantuan effort to move me otherwise. Anyway, this is another rambling when I am trying to think my into something. This morning, I recalled a concept I had many years ago. I called the concept “15 seconds of Nirvana”. Andy Warhol had 15 minutes of fame. I had my 15 seconds of  Nirvana. I am going to describe as best as possible this concept.

I do not think I am original in any sense of the word, but I can put into words some of my feelings and emotions.  I used to have this rush of euphoria at a certain point of the day. It did not matter what mood I was in. This rush of euphoria will come for a little bit, and whenever I tried to make sense of it; this feeling would dissipate and I would be back to reality. This feeling would come when I least expect it. I believe it was a chemical reaction in my brain. It was one of many chemical reaction that occurred inside my brain. Anyway, I have not these fleeting moments of euphoria recently, but I have had other feeling and emotions lately.

I still find myself daydreaming, and I will keep having day dreams. I will continue  seeking cathartic moments in my life. I will continue chasing waterfalls as well. Anyway, fatigue is taking over me. I will call it a night soon.


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