My Approach To Baking


I served in the US Navy for nine years of my life. I was a Gas Systems Turbine Technician (Electrical) during my time in the day. I spent five years of sea duty, and three years of shore duty. During my time on sea duty, I operated an array of complicated devices worth a lot of money. I conducted maintenance on various devices on both ships I served in. These tasks were at times tedious, and at other times these tasks were enjoyable. I was able to complete many of this task, because I quickly figured a few things. I was able to produce a thousand gallons of potable water without getting any crew members ill. I was able to do a shift of electrical source from the shore power to ship’s power and vice versa. Many of these tasks seemed like a cake walk to me, but they were not. I had to observe mentors and shipmates for sometimes in order to succeed. Anyway, I am going to explain, how I have applied these experience to baking.

I began my sea duty rotation on US John S. McCain in January 2004. During my time on the ship, I had to learn to produce drinkable water out of sea water. I operated the reverse osmosis desalination machines to complete the task. As an operator, one had to qualify to use the device. Once qualified, one had to follow a sequence of action in a procedure book called the Engineering Operating Sequencing System(EOSS). I followed the sequences to the letter. I avoided any deviation from the procedure. Any deviation from the procedure could result in damage to the equipment to a cascade of problems. I to inject the necessary amount bromine to kill as much bacteria as possible. I had to monitor the levels in the water tanks. I was able to do this by following the EOSS every time. As time went on, my responsibilities increased as well. I qualified for more tasks onboard the ship, but I still followed the operating sequences. At times, outside observers came to inspect the ship and its crew. They will randomly select someone for a spot check. Whenever, they selected me for a spot check; I usually kept calm. I kept calm, because preparation was a must from me. I will bring everything needed for the task at hand. It saved me time.

It will make eight years in September since I received my honorable discharge. I have been gainfully employed at times, and I have not been at others. I have tried to be rid myself of many habits I picked up in the Navy. However, I have not seen the use of these actions. I have actually seen the benefits of keeping these habits. I have spent a lot of time on social media like many of my contemporaries. I came across the concept of stress baking. Baking has become a mean to relieve stress during the current pandemic of COVID-19. I baked a cake many months ago, and I wrote a blog post about it. I started baking again in late march, because my father’s birthday was around the corner. I was apprehensive about going to the grocery store and ordering a cake full sugar and additives. I considered the cake I baked for my father’s birthday a failure. I had deviated from the recipe. I used margarine instead of butter or shortening. I later learned that when it comes to baking, one has to be precise. One deviation from the recipe, and you have a mess instead of work of art.

I follow recipes for the cakes I bake, just like I followed the engineering operating  sequencing system during my time in the navy. One can take liberties while cooking, but baking requires precision and accuracy during the entire evolution. One can choose to take liberties on a cake recipe at one detriment. My approach to baking has been influenced by my time in the Navy. I do not use a method of trials and errors when I bake. My time in the navy has also influenced my approach to assembling computers and other device thing I tinker with.



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