Elon Musk and the Future

I have seen a few Teslas on the road. They are beautiful vehicles. Unlike most cars in the United States, these cars are entirely electric, and one can not buy them at a car dealership. Tesla the company has effectively eliminated the middle man. You basically purchase the Tesla from the manufacturer. I hope my future car buying experience are likewise. I have a paypal account. I have used it to send send money to people, and also to receive money at times. I have also used my paypal account to make online purchases. These two entities are from Silicon Valley, California. They also have the DNA of one Elon Musk. Who is Elon Musk? Most people know Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa. Elon Musk moved to Canada at eighteen years of age. He benefited from his mother’s Canadian citizenship to get his Undergraduate education at Queen’s university in Ontario. He then went to Stanford University for his Post Graduate education. He never completed his doctorate, but Elon is bigger than a doctorate.

Elon dropped out of Stanford in pursuit of his entrepreneurial aspirations. Elon and his brother Kimbal founded Zip2 in the nineties. Zip2 was a successful enterprise at the point of sale, but it went downhill after Carly Fiorina, but I am digressing. Elon Musk went on to found X.com that became Paypal. Ebay then acquired Paypal

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